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You will find every individual Player, Pitcher and Team statistics for both the regular season and playoffs from 1871 to 2003. You can Sort, Query, Limit, Display and Print out all player and team regular season and playoff stats in just about any user-defined fashion desired. There is over 132 years of pro baseball stats for the American League, National League and Major League Baseball.

This Internet Database has to be run online, meaning you have to be connected to the Internet when using it but it doesn't run in your browser. After you downloaded the program just click on baseballdb.exe to run the program everytime you want to use it.

System Requirements: Minimum of 64MB RAM (128MB recommended) and Windows 95, 98 or NT (3.5, 4.0), 2000, XP and a active internet connection while running the program. When you run the program it may be a little slow so be patient!
Click on button below then just click on
Baseball Statistics Database.
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